Trump Pushes Clinton Conspiracy Theory In Wake Of Epstein’s Death

After the bombshell news that billionaire accused pedophile/sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his prison cell of suicide at Manhattan Correctional Center, Twitter exploded with speculation. Wasn’t his death convenient for the numerous high-profile and powerful people named in complaints against Epstein? (Possibly!) Wasn’t he on 24-hour suicide watch? (No, it turns out.) The whole thing sounded suspicious! While baseless speculation and jokes might be (somewhat) harmless for Twitter randos, it’s quite a different story when the source of the dubious information is the president of the United States.

Following the news that Jeffrey Epstein had been found dead of an apparent suicide, President Donald Trump retweeted conservative “comedian” Terrence K. Williams attempting to link the Clintons to his death.


“For some odd reason, people who have information on the Clintons end up dead,” Williams said in the video. “Word around the street is that the Clintons did it.”

Despite zero evidence of their involvement, the conspiracy theory that the Clintons were behind Epstein’s demise trended on Twitter with the hashtag #ClintonBodyCount, a favorite among fringe right-wing accounts. The FBI is investigating the circumstances of Epstein’s death and Attorney General Bill Barr has launched an Inspector General investigation as well.

The right-wing meme that the Clintons are responsible for a slew of deaths is popular in fringe right-wing circles, and what they deem as suspicious deaths have been investigated without producing any evidence of foul play. The suicide of Clinton aide Vince Foster in the 1990s popularized the idea, and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanugh, then a part of the Special Counsel investigation into Whitewater, was particularly keen on probing the incident.

Epstein, a major donor to the Democratic Party, courted several powerful people, and flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s private jet. Then again, so did Donald Trump, according to newly unsealed court documents.

Documents unsealed on Friday show Donald Trump flew with Epstein from Palm Beach to Newark in 1997.

Trump and Epstein were neighbors and friends until they had a falling out, apparently over a Palm Beach mansion the two were locked in a bidding war for in 2004. In a 2002 interview, Donald Trump called Epstein a “terrific guy” going on to say, “It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

It’s unclear whether Trump’s tweets are an attempt to distract from his connection to Epstein (or the fact that his former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta gave Epstein a sweetheart deal when he was a U.S. Attorney, or that his Attorney General’s father hired Epstein to teach high school) or if Trump just can’t resist taking a hit at Hillary Clinton.

The only thing that’s 100% clear (and has been for a while) is that Trump loves tweeting unhinged things that send both his supporters and critics into a frenzy.