Tweet with video of Dr. Fauci facepalming with Trump's retweet

Trump Retweets Dr. Fauci Facepalming In What Many Are Calling A Self-Own

Donald Trump is apparently just straight-up retweeting direct insults aimed at himself now. Is he okay? Has he somehow developed a self-deprecating sense of humor or does someone need to check up on him?

Indeed, the president baffled the internet today when he retweeted a video of Dr. Anthony Fauci doing a visible facepalm in an attempt to hide barely-contained laughter after Trump used the phrase “the Deep State Department,” along with the comment “Dr. Fauci is all of us.” Journalist Laura Martínez clearly meant this to be a shot at Trump as the majority of the world took Fauci’s facepalm as a “I can’t believe this guy is for real” moment, yet there it is on Trump’s Twitter page.

The explanation that many are clinging to is that Trump simply thinks Fauci was laughing at what Trump thinks is a “joke” and that the president thinks Fauci agrees with him about the State Department being a part of the “deep state,” whatever he thinks that is.

It’s not easy trying to get into Trump’s head. But at least you’re not Laura Martínez right now.

If it’s true that Trump didn’t understand the joke and thinks that we’re all laughing unironically at his “deep state” comment, then this is perhaps the biggest self-own the president has committed to date. But honestly, it’s hard to judge because there have been a lot of them.

However, many of Trump’s fans are trying desperately to believe that Trump’s comment was funny in any way other than “oh my God this man is the biggest loser on the face of the planet.”

Meanwhile, over on Martínez’s page:

It’s pretty clear who has the good sense of humor.