Trump Lashes Out Over New Fox News Poll Saying Most Voters Want Him Removed From Office

Donald Trump is facing impeachment proceedings and though he process for impeaching a president is slow, his paranoia and fear is increasing fast.

The investigation began after Trump made a call to the Ukrainian president to pressure him for dirt on presidential candidate Joe Biden, threatening to withdraw foreign aid. This is objectively illegal but it will still take a while before Trump faces any actual repercussions for his actions—if he ever does. That hasn’t stopped him from losing it on Twitter, as usual, accusing the Democratic Party of a witch hunt. I guess he’s the witch?

But things have hit a new low for presidential morale. Trump can usually depend on Fox News to have his back at all times. They practically got him elected, and still direct policy by dropping news stories he constantly tweets about at five in the morning over his sugar-water breakfast.

Unfortunately, even Fox News has to admit that the American public supports impeachment. A new poll shows 51% of registered voters want Trump impeached and removed from office.

Since this is Fox News, you gotta wonder if 51% is actually low.

Some other figures: unsurprisingly, support for impeachment has increased since July and was up 11 points among Democrats, 5 points among Republicans and 3 points among Independents. A big blow to Trump is that it was up 5 points for Evangelical Christians and 8 points for white men without college degrees.

The president is not taking this well and is lashing out against the hand that once fed him:

It would be interesting if Fox News turned on Trump completely. What would melt down first—his political cache or his brain?