Trump Lashes Out At Fox News, Which ‘Isn’t Working For Us Anymore’

Donald Trump was very upset with Fox News today, tweeting out a short thread about how disappointed he is that they interviewed DNC Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa and actually managed to keep things somewhat civil and politically neutral.

Trump claims that Hinojosa was “spewing out whatever she wanted with zero pushback by anchor” while she was talking about how well Republicans did in battleground states in 2016 and how Democrats will emulate this.

It’s unclear exactly what kind of “pushback” Trump was expecting in this fairly uninteresting interview or whether he was distracted by a bee when the Fox News anchor pushed back on Hinojosa’s refusal to name a Democratic front-runner. Either way, it looks like the romance between Trump and Fox News may be over as he announced that he is “looking for a new News Outlet.”

This isn’t the first time that Trump has aired his displeasure with Fox News on Twitter, nor is it the first time people have had to remind him that news outlets are not supposed to take orders from him and that state media is a feature of every modern authoritarian government and dystopian future novel.

Even actually Fox News employees are finally fed up with Trump’s whining.

Did we just agree with Brit Hume?

We’re not the only ones. Many Twitter users have expressed that they are fed up with Trump trying to bully news outlets into being his personal butt-kissers.

Hinojosa herself responded to Trump’s Twitter tirade on MSNBC by calling it “laughable” and saying the President is “running scared.”

Oh, Hinojosa. We all know he doesn’t have anything better to do.