Trump Is Freaking Out Over ‘The Hunt,’ A Movie Depicting ‘Deplorables’ Hunted By ‘Elites’

Fox News just caught wind of the production of a film titled “The Hunt” in which a group of people from Southern U.S. states referred to as “deplorables” are hunted for sport by people calling themselves “The Elite,” and they are not having a good time. One of their “Special Report” panels had their hand-picked pundits attacking the upcoming film for being “in bad taste” after the recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

The ad campaign for the film has indeed been put on hold as of August 7th because of the recent shootings, though the film is still scheduled for release on September 27.

“Only in Hollywood would someone look at a script like this and think this is a good idea and we should make this movie,” said panel member and Real Clear Politics co-founder Tom Bevan.

On a related note, there are a total of six official Sharknado films and three spinoffs.

Upon actually watching the trailer, the true nature of the film becomes clear. The “deplorables” who are being hunted are the clear protagonists, with the “Elites” being the bad guys saying that the country belongs to them, dramatically eating caviar in their private jets, and saying that the normal, everyday people they kidnap to hunt for sport are “not human beings.”

However, if you consider that the film is being made by the same company that produced Get Out, you’ll probably come to the conclusion that this is a piece of satire making fun of how certain right-wing individuals view the left and what they think liberal “elites” want to do to them.

In the trailer, the main character, a woman from Wyoming with a clear Southern accent, deduces she’s not in Arkansas, as the strangers she encounters claim. She then rips off an Arkansas license plate from a truck revealing a European-style plate and confirming her theory.

The trailer goes on to reveal that “every year, a bunch of elites kidnap normal folk like us,” while photos of these “normal folk” engaging in stereotypical conservative activities—including yelling at a rally that includes signs that appear to say “Santa is not real” and “God hates gender politics”—flash across the screen.

Photo from The Hunt trailer showing woman at a right-wing rally

Other photos show an angry man with a microphone and headset (possibly a right-wing radio show or podcast host), a mugshot, a guy posing next to a trophy hunt kill, and a woman holding a large gun up in front of an American flag. In the center of the photocollage is a picture of a shadowy man in the middle of a bunch of tiki torches, clearly evoking the Charlottesville white supremacist rallies that ended in the death of Heather Heyer.

So, yes, The Hunt is clearly a liberal attack on conservatives, but not in the way that Fox News thinks. Only time will tell how they’ll react when they manage to figure that they’re being trolled, assuming they ever do.

Donald Trump himself tweeted about the film without explicitly naming it, but referencing “the Elites” and ranting about “Liberal Hollywood.”

Other conservatives are also clearly upset about the film.

Others are wondering if conservative individuals have even watched the trailer.

Should be a fun weekend.