On Saturday, Donald Trump headed to one of his own golf courses in Virginia to tee off, accompanied by an assortment of maskless lackeys. Regular residents of Sterling, Virginia, are still under lockdown orders, according to Mother Jones, meaning he had the course to himself. Conveniently, his staff and security had to spend taxpayer money while staying at the grounds, the president’s property. It was his 250th time at the golf course since he took office.

This was a big weekend for Trump’s presidency in other ways. Specifically, the death toll for COVID-19 in the U.S. approached the 100,000 mark. When the deadly virus first appeared in the country, Trump suggested that the virus would disappear. Since then, he’s come up with all sorts of false numbers and predictions, even stating that the mortality count would be far below 100,000 by the time the virus mysteriously disappeared.

While many mass deaths are acknowledged formally by the government, these deaths have not been. The New York Times published a shocking list of names to remind everyone of the enormous loss that Trump has been ignoring:

The president has been criticized for his frequent golf outings on his own properties since he took office, but this particular trip is so deeply insulting to the American public that people are actually shocked again by his oblivious cruelty:

It’s been pointed out that in 2014, Trump called into Fox and Friends to criticize President Barack Obama, who went golfing during the Ebola outbreak:

While Ebola had devastating effects across Liberia and other countries, in the U.S. there were 11 confirmed cases. Two people died. A tragic loss for their friends and families, but on the scale of what is happening now, Trump’s criticism is shown for the hypocritical nonsense it is.

Trump’s golf plans are an attempt to signal that the country should open again, ignoring public health in a gamble to resurrect the economy. This push will likely lead to a second wave of deaths. How big will the wave have to get before Trump acknowledges that it’s crashing down on top of him?

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*First Published: May 24, 2020, 8:08 am