Trump Sure Seems To Be Funneling Government Money Into His Failing Scottish Golf Course

Trump has a lot of properties all over the world because he loves building things and slapping his name on them. He also loves golfing, far more than any president in history, judging but how much he plays golf instead of doing his job.

His property Trump Turnberry is a resort in Scotland that offers golf and probably some very terrible food, if it’s anything like Mar-a-Largo. Politico reports the resort wasn’t doing so hot in 2017, losing $4.5 million in revenue. Then suddenly the tables turned in 2018, and they brought in $3 million. What, oh what, could it be?

It seems like something isn’t entirely on the up-and-up. Since April, the House Oversight Committee has been investigating two layovers in Scotland for a C-17 military transport plane going back and forth from the Middle East. No, Turnberry wasn’t on the way, but that’s where the crew stayed, though most of them weren’t making enough with their per diem to pay for the food and drinks on the menu. The plane was also refueled at the commercial airport at the Prestwick Airport, spending $11 million dollars, though the Lakenheath Air Base was closer and cheaper.

It’s been pointed out that Trump has been publicly celebrating promises to bring money to Prestwick:

Thus far, the Pentagon hasn’t released a single document relating to these trips, so the investigation committee is somewhat stymied:

“The Defense Department has not produced a single document in this investigation,” said a senior Democratic aide on the oversight panel. “The committee will be forced to consider alternative steps if the Pentagon does not begin complying voluntarily in the coming days.”

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has outright accused Trump of lining his pockets with government money in another country:

No one seems particularly surprised that Trump has been taking advantage of his position. Since he took office, Trump has encouraged foreign officials to stay at his properties and had his supporters host lavish parties at his hotels and resorts. He also makes a habit of popping in on events hosted at his golf courses, for the photo op and the chance to jack up prices for the idiots who want to pay extra for the chance to meet the president.

The only difference is the scale, and perhaps the fact that Trump is so interested in making money for another country not headed by Vladimir Putin. What does Scotland have on him, anyway?