Indian music video and man in a hot tub at Trump properties on Google Maps

Google Maps Users Post Weird, Random, And Naked Stuff At Trump Properties

Recently, BuzzFeed News noticed that there are some rather odd photos and videos posted to Trump properties and government buildings on Google Maps. The popular location app allows anyone with a Google account to post such things to any business, landmark, park, etc. marked on the worldwide map. Typically, people will post photos of the scenery or enjoying themselves at whatever location they’re visiting, which could help other users decide if this is a place they want to visit.

But there’s something different going on at many Trump properties across the U.S.

Some of the entries seem to have nothing at all to do with the location they were posted on, including the very colorful 30-second video featuring the song “Mujhe Tera Diwana Bana Diya” by Acharya Shri Gaurav Krishna Goswami Ji posted at the White House South Lawn in March 2018. And the random screencap from the popular video game Fortnite posted at the Trump Cafe in the New York Trump Tower.

There’s also a photo of a young man sitting on a weird chair among trash in front of what appears to be an overpass, posted this month also to the White House South Lawn. This could be some sort of “the government is trash” message, but it’s unclear, and BuzzFeed has asked anyone with information on the photo to contact them.

Photo of man sitting among trash posted to the White House Lawn on Google Maps

Other entries are a little more risque, including a 30-second video of a man grinning at the camera in a hot tub at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas. You can’t see anything you really wouldn’t want to see, but yes, he does seem to be naked. Another entry is less safe for work and has already been taken down, but if you really want to see some reflections of naked people in the Trump hotel windows, you can click through to BuzzFeed for that.

A better thing to look at is the odd gif of the rather jacked young man spinning an umbrella at the Trump National Doral in Miami. And don’t forget to enjoy the famous Trump Baby balloon at the Trump Turnberry resort in Scottland.

Video of the Trump baby balloon next to Trump at Trump Turnberry on Google Maps

That one’s not odd, but it is funny.

Will BuzzFeed set off a trend of people posting weird stuff at Trump properties and government locations on Google Maps? We hope so.