Trump Gets Roasted For Posting ‘Impeach This’ Map On Twitter

Trump Shares ‘Impeach This’ US Map His Daughter-In-Law Lara Just Got Roasted Over

Donald Trump’s days in the White House are numbered, especially now that the Democrats have gotten off their butts and actually started an impeachment inquiry against the tyrant-in-chief. While we’ll likely have to pull him out of Washington kicking and screaming, Trump and his family are trying to portray an aura of confidence in the midst of his downfall, and even his daughter-in-law Lara is getting in on the action.

Lara Trump, who’s married to the president’s son Eric, took to Twitter on Monday to post a map of the United States with the message “Try to impeach this” written across its overwhelmingly red-shaded background. If the map was actually accurate, it would imply that roughly 98% of the country is behind the former Celebrity Apprentice host. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s not, and Twitter users were quick to take her to ask over it.

A few days later, Donald Trump himself tweeted a photo of the map.

While several users pointed out the most obvious proof that map is bogus—that Trump didn’t win the popular vote, thereby completely negating the idea that even half the country wants him in office—others mentioned the fact that much of the center of the country that’s supposedly Republican doesn’t even have people living there.

There was also some comparison to Nixon’s downfall, with one user pointing out that Nixon actually did win the popular vote with 60.1% compared to Trump’s losing 46.1%… and yet Nixon was still forced to resign before he was inevitably impeached.

Of course, neither Lara nor her father-in-law are interested in facts. “Fake news” is the name of the game so they’re both pleased with spreading more misinformation that literally no one with half a brain would believe is true anyway.

For what it’s worth, here is what an actual U.S. voting map looks like, once the locations with zero population are taken into account:

Lara hasn’t responded to any of the criticism she’s received over the post, which is I suppose a step in a more mature direction. Neither has the president, despite the hundreds of confused and mocking replies to the map.

Challenge accepted.