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Trump Sparks Outrage For Referring To Impeachment Inquiry As A ‘Lynching’

Donald Trump has been on an extended meltdown ever since Nancy Pelosi announced plans to begin the process of impeachment. Maybe he’s been freaking out since he started his presidency, beginning with his fight to prove people came to his inauguration. The president has a serious persecution complex.

That’s why the looming threat of impeachment seems to have pushed him into overdrive. At first, he was satisfied to call the investigation into his many alleged crimes a “witch hunt,” which is both ahistorical and mildly offensive. Now he’s decided to get really offensive.

In a Tuesday morning tweet, Trump referred to the investigation as a “lynching.”

Reporter Eugene Scott makes a great point—Trump sets the tone for how the GOP and his followers talk, which means the word “lynching” is likely about to become normalized as a way to describe the legal, political process of holding a government employee accountable for breaking the law.

In reality, the word is most associated with the murder of black men and women by white mobs. Lynchings were predominantly used as a form of domestic terror in the era of Jim Crow, especially in the south, driving black families to leave their homes and head north, if they survived. The NAACP  reports that 4,743 people were lynched between 1882 and 1968. Of those, 72.7 percent were black.

The word has a very specific connotation and history and because Trump has used it in a tweet, it’s trending on social media. Though Trump’s language is always causing an outrage, this instance demanded some serious pushback:

Trump does dare, because he knows his followers are willing to not only rewrite history to defend him, they’re willing to rewrite reality. Disgust is the only proper response—and those articles of impeachment.