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Trump And John Bolton Are Fighting Over Who Broke Up With Whom And Twitter Had Some Jokes

Welp. President Trump has sh-tcanned yet another member of his administration and no one is shedding any tears since the person in question is warmongering national security advisor and walrus impersonator John Bolton.

The spectacle of Trump – who has proclaimed he only hires the best people  – summarily changing his mind and firing those best people whenever he feels like it has become commonplace but the ensuing chaos never ceases to amaze.

Naturally, being a byproduct of Trump World the firing could not proceed without a certain amount of circus-like fallout. There was immediate controversy surrounding the question of who broke up with whom with Trump proclaiming that he had asked for Bolton’s resignation and Bolton claiming that he had in fact offered it.

In other words the president and his former national security advisor are squabbling like two middle schoolers who dated for a week.

For the watchful and sarcastic citizens of Twitter Nation, it was almost too easy and the roasts and reactions rolled in like bad poll numbers.

Others didn’t see the funny side.

A few conservative politicians like Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz rushed to Bolton’s defense for some reason.

Trump has also mistakenly called John Bolton “Mike Bolton” before so people had some fun with that.

Basically there was Schadenfreude but also mixed emotions all around. As the old saying goes: “The enemy of your enemy is…your president?”