Trump Lackey Tries To Make Racist Point, Gets Dragged For Stupidity Instead

One good thing about racists who work for Trump is that a lot of them are pretty dumb. Well, it’s not great, because they are in charge of a lot. But we have to take our fun where we can find it, so let’s focus on a young Trump lover named Harlan Hill. Hill is working on the 2020 Trump campaign and appears regularly on Fox News. I’m not sure why he is being trusted with anything when he doesn’t even know how to take the crazy demon eye effect out of his Twitter profile, but that’s the Trump campaign for you.


Hill is currently getting ratioed for his weird (racist) complaint about going to a store in Virginia and finding they’re selling Mexican soccer jerseys and alleging he spoke to a woman who did not speak English. He claims she worked there, but there’s no proof she even exists at the moment.

“At a Target store in Virginia where the nice young lady we asked for help didn’t speak English and they have tons of these Mexico soccer jerseys displayed for sale across the store,” Harlan moaned to his followers. “We’re losing America.”

Maybe Mr. Hill doesn’t follow sports? Mexico recently won their eighth Gold Cup, so any fan of soccer will likely be expecting a Mexico jersey in the sportswear section. His logic is pretty bad (racist), and people were quick to point that out:

Hill must be enjoying the ratio, because the tweet stands. All Americans horrified by the sale of a sports jersey at a Target now know who to turn to:


Wait until he hears women are playing soccer now.