Trump Mocked For Tweeting U.S. Companies Are ‘Hereby Ordered’ To Ditch China

Donald Trump went on another Twitter tirade against China this morning, this time taking another step down the rabbit hole by seemingly attempting to issue official orders to U.S. companies via tweet. And we don’t mean he was trying to order a new wife off of Amazon or something like that. He literally said that companies are “hereby ordered” to stop doing business with China.

He also ordered shipping companies to “SEARCH FOR & REFUSE” packages of the opioid medication fentanyl from China “(or anywhere else!)” as though they aren’t already required to do that by law. However, fentanyl does not kill 100,000 Americans per year (fentanyl was involved in about 28,000 deaths in 2017), and legal fentanyl is an important drug for managing severe pain and ensuring patients stay asleep and pain-free during surgery.

Also, you can’t actually just issue orders on Twitter and have it magically be law, because you’re not some kind of horrifying modern monarch, Trump, as much as you might act like one.

Wild inaccuracies aside, Twitter is now mocking Trump with hashtags like #iherebyorder, issuing their own very official orders to whomever they feel like.

Even the animals are getting involved.

Can Mr. B be our president instead? All hail The Chonkiest Boi.