Trump’s Nickelback Video Tweet Gets The Meme Treatment

Most posts about Donald Trump could all start with, “What on Earth is happening?” because every story involving him is insane on so many levels it needs a meme dictionary and political pamphlet to explain. So let’s start with the basics.

Donald Trump is under impeachment investigations for allegedly threatening to withdraw aid from Ukraine in exchange for information on Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden had a job at a gas company in Ukraine after the Obama administration sent Joe Biden to the country to help them reestablish order after a revolution. Trump wants the dirt to help him in the next presidential election.


There have been accusations of corruption that were investigated and dismissed, but who knows? Trump could be right, and there’s more to know about the Bidens—however, trying to strong-arm a foreign government for info is highly illegal. In classic Trump fashion, he’s not only ranting about the impeachment proceedings, but he’s also doubling down on the idea that the Bidens are hiding something.

And he did that on Wednesday by sharing a Nickelback meme. The video Trump tweeted has been taken down because of copyright infringement, but Trump Jr. also shared the clip, so scroll through for its full glory:

The clip is from an old music video for Nickelback’s song “Photograph.” It’s been edited to show an old picture with Joe Biden, his son, and a man named Devon Archer who once served on the Burisma Holdings board along with Biden’s son, according to Fox News.

The Trumps clearly think this is damning evidence, but almost everyone else is just crying that we live in a world where Nickelback is relevant again.

They’re also mocking Trump by tweeting “LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH” and sharing all the horrifying images of Trump they can find. There are a lot.

















There sure are a lot of photographs of Trump with convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Nickelback hasn’t commented yet on the whole dust-up, maybe because they are in Brazil as of yesterday:

Just stay there, guys. Things are crazy over here.