Donald Trump Pats His Leg To Summon Melania In Resurfaced Clip

At this point, is anyone surprised by how terrible the president is? The answer is yes, because he is the Supreme Master of Awfulness, always one step ahead of what normal people consider hideous. Setting the trend new horrors, making things slightly worse day by day, dragging our standards down into the ground.

It’s well-known that Trump is an alleged serial sexual assaulter who disrespects women. He also has a deeply weird relationship with his wife Melania Trump. She’s been caught on camera refusing to hold his hand and she seems absolutely miserable a lot of the time.

In a video filmed shortly after the Dayton, Ohio, mass shooting and shared by comedy writer James Felton last Wednesday, it appears as though Donald Trump pats his leg to get Melania to come stand by him. You know, the way you would with a trained dog.

And she does it!

Couples have all sorts of silent gestures they use to communicate, with affection and understanding. This doesn’t look like that. It looks like a guy who thinks he controls the world and everyone around him, including his wife.

People were surprised they still found this sort of thing from Trump surprising! By now we should be deadened to everything, but he is the maestro:

I would almost feel sorry for Melania, except I don’t at all. Everyone in the Trump camp is accountable for their situation—except maybe Tiffany. He won’t even pose for pictures with her.