Green shirt guy laughing next to a woman in a MAGA hat

Pro-Trump Protesters Get Laughed Out Of City Council Meeting In Viral Video

There’s something about this guy gripped by hysterics while two Trump supporters interrupt a public city council meeting and get booed by everyone else that’s teaching people how to live. It’s so incredible that #GreenShirtGuy has been trending on Twitter.

There really is so much about this video that’s hilarious, starting with the woman in the MAGA hat yelling her displeasure into her phone, then getting up and trying to pull down her short shorts a little with one hand (because she’s still yelling at her phone) while people boo her. Then there’s the other Trump supporter trying to awkwardly hold up his sign with one hand because he’s got a massive soft drink in the other.

That’s when the camera zooms in on the now-famous green shirt guy, who is just losing it.

It’s how genuine his mirth is that makes the video.

The pro-Trump protesters were apparently upset at the Tuscon city council for putting a measure to make Tuscon a sanctuary city – which would limit their cooperation with federal immigration laws – on the ballot for November.

“The city does not change or defy immigration laws,” the woman yells in the video. “That is Congress’s job, to change immigration laws.”

At this point, her yelling is drowned out by boos for a while, until she can be heard saying that the city is in “direct violation” of the U.S. constitution. Then, just when you thought green shirt guy couldn’t take any more hilarity, someone off-screen yells: “You’re in direct violation of being a jackass!”

The final funny bit comes when the exhausted-looking police officer tiredly gestures for the protesters to leave, which they were already in the process of doing, probably because they knew they were getting kicked out. The camera zooms in on green shirt guy again as he puts his hand to his chest, breathless with amusement.

Later, when she confronted one of the people who heckled her, the woman (named Jen accord to Mediaite) accidentally revealed that she had no idea what she was protesting. She reportedly demanded from one individual: “Why do you want to release criminal illegal aliens into the city?”

This, of course, is not what the sanctuary city ballot measure would do at all, and she was repeatedly accused of not reading the measure she was protesting. When challenged, she couldn’t even come up with the name of the measure. She tried to call it “To Put Sanctuary on the Ballot.” It’s called “Tuscon Families Free and Together,” and is meant to “ensure that no person is fearful to engage with local law enforcement or participate fully in the community.”

Green shirt guy, meanwhile, has become an instant meme.

As it turns out, green shirt guy’s actual name is Alex Kack and he would like you to help Tuscon with its initiative to protect immigrant families. Do it for Green Shirt Guy!