Trump Retweets Parody Account That Trolls Him For Disliking Sharks

Donald Trump was having a bit of a freak-out on Sunday, frantically retweeting over 20 posts that seem to support him over the Ukraine whistleblower scandal which had led the House Democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry. Somehow, one of the tweets in the mix comes from a bot account that inserts words related to sharks into Trump’s tweets called “Trump But About Sharks.”

The tweet in question calls out the “Pro Shark Media.”

Several news outlets, as well as the bot account itself, have captured screenshots of the retweet, likely expecting that the retweet would be deleted from the president’s Twitter page. However, as of the publishing of this article, it has not been deleted.

Just in case, however, here’s the screenshot that is now pinned to the top of Trump But About Sharks’ Twitter page.

The bot account was reportedly created after Trump tweeted about his dislike for sharks, which led to a surge in donations to non-profit organizations that work to protect sharks, according to an article by The Guardian that the account links to. It also features a rather unflattering photo of Trump as its profile picture, which the president apparently failed to notice, unless he did this intentionally to distract people. Who even knows anymore?

Regardless, among the constant horror coming out of the Trump administration and the Trump Twitter account, including possible quid pro quo with a foreign nation and possible threats of Civil War should the impeachment inquiry lead to his removal from office, people are enjoying this purely funny presidential gaffe.

To be fair, did anyone see any of this coming?