Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Sunrise, Florida

At Florida Rally, Trump Says He “Beat Barack Hussein Obama”—Who He Never Ran Against

You might have missed a new level of historical revisionism at Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Sunrise, Florida yesterday, while distracted by the “gorgeous chest” comment that led to him posting that highly disturbing image of himself at Rocky Balboa.

Aside from this topless defense against rumors that his sudden visit to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center was not just getting ahead on next year’s physical, he managed to claim that he defeated former President Barack Obama.

“And then we beat Barack Hussein Obama,” Trump said. “And whatever-the-hell dynasty that is.”

First of all, nobody beat Obama, least of all Trump, who never ran against him. Obama won both of his presidential elections handily and then left office after that because the U.S. Constitution limits presidents to two terms.

Now let’s talk about the whole “whatever-the-hell dynasty” thing. A political dynasty refers to a family of politicians, typically crossing multiple generations, such as the Bush family. However, Barack Obama is the first member of his family to get into politics, and his daughters are a bit too young for that yet.

This isn’t the first time Trump has said something like this about Obama. At another rally early this month, he claimed he had defeated “the Clinton dynasty, the Bush dynasty, the president Barack Hussein Obama dynasty,” using a common Republican tactic of emphasizing Obama’s middle name.

The president’s continued obsession with Obama and comparisons to the previous president have not gone unnoticed.

He will never get over the fact that Obama was a better president than he ever could be.