Trump’s ‘Sharpie Gate’ Hurricane Dorian Stunt Is Getting Trolled On Twitter

Donald Trump inadvertently gave the Internet some joy this week by doing something stupid and absurd that wasn’t actually evil. Hurricane Dorian has been ravaging the Bahamas and is hitting the southern states. The storm is strong, however, it’s not quite as strong as the President claimed in a tweet on Sunday that said Dorian would reach Alabama. It won’t.

Meteorologists stepped in to say Trump was incorrect and to stop the citizens of Alabama from boarding up their windows for no reason:

Inciting a panic over Hurricane Dorian in an unaffected state was not enough for Trump. He absolutely refused to back down and admit his mistake. How out of character for him.

The category five storm was a subject discussed at the White House on Wednesday, and that discussion was supplemented with a print out of a map of the Southeastern U.S. that showed where actual scientists thought Dorian would reach. A few people noticed that it looked like the symbol representing Dorian had been extended by a black sharpie to encompass Alabama, perhaps drawn by the shaky demented hand of the president:


People are reacting to this the only way they can—with memes!

This is how Trump would alter reality if he could just draw with a Sharpie across out entire nation—by making himself look more important, better at golf, and definitely taller than Barack Obama:

Ouch, that last one hurts. Most of us would definitely cross out his entire presidency with a big black marker if we could.