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Trump Suggested Shooting Migrants’ Legs, Building Alligator And Snake Moat Around Wall, According To Book

The heinous conditions at the border have been in the news a lot over the past year, as families are separated, children are caged, and people trying desperately to escape dangerous situations in their home countries are persecuted and imprisoned. It’s a very frightening time to be a migrant or refugee. Anyone making the trip to seek asylum in the U.S. knows how risky it is, and are still deciding it’s worth it, and any compassionate person would be able to understand that.

No one is less compassionate than Donald Trump, except possibly his supporters. Trump has been using racist and dehumanizing language to describe families trying to reach and cross the border between the U.S. and Mexico since the advent of his presidential campaign.

He’s also been determined to build an expensive and ineffectual wall that cuts through American communities, just to keep people out. It turns out, these are just the horrible ideas he’s been open about—there’s a whole bunch more that were kept secret!

In a new book written by reporters Julie Davis and Micheal Shear, it’s revealed that Trump suggested building what is essentially an alligator moat around the U.S., like some sort of medieval king. He also floated the idea of using snakes to keep people out, electrifying the fence, lining the top with spikes that would “tear human flesh,’ and shooting people dead. When he was told that was illegal he suggested they just aim for the legs. That’s also illegal, Mr. President, or should we say King Joffrey.

He was reportedly his happiest when migrants were getting tear-gassed at the border:

Like many things the president says and does, the absurdity kind of distracts from the horror of it all, as many jokes about the moat showed:

Trump is now denying he ever said any of this stuff, maybe recognizing how stupid it sounds:


Getting your Moot stuff with alligators and snakes sounds pretty painful.

Whatever Trump says, I think we all fully believe he would do something as cruel and stupid as unleashing wild animals on humans in need of humanitarian aid. Whether or not it’s true, that fact is damning enough.