Trump Supporter Tries To Mansplain The Moon To A NASA Engineer And Gets Eviscerated

Most of us will remember Donald Trump’s “Mars (of which the Moon is a part)” statement, which he tweeted a mere three days ago but which feels like several lifetimes ago.

Now, Trump probably (right? RIGHT???) doesn’t think the Moon is literally a part of Mars. A generous reading of this badly-worded tweet might suggest that the president was referring to NASA’s plan to build up resources on and around the Moon in a way that would make it a sort of jump-off point for future Mars missions. In other words, whatever NASA builds for a Moon mission should also be usable for other missions.

Still, the president’s tweet reads as though he has less knowledge of our solar system than a first grader, and prompted a wave of mocking replies across Facebook and Twitter.

One such response was posted to the MurderedByWords sub on Reddit by a friend of the original poster (OP), who initially wrote “Sorry to break it to ya, buddy, but Earth’s Moon is not a part of Mars!” before updating her post, “Edited to add: It appears as though he’s referring to the Moon to Mars program, which proposes creating an outpost on the Moon to send a manned mission to Mars…but the tweet is still ridiculously worded! Like 90% of what he writes.”)

trump moon mars tweet

Undoubtedly. But despite OP’s update to her initial caption above a screenshot of the president’s tweet, a Trump supported took it upon himself to swoop into the comments section, drop an insult, and mansplain space travel to her.

Unfortunately for him, he did not realize that he was commenting on the post of a literal NASA engineer.

“Right here is the display of the lack of intelligence in the libral community,” he writes, misspelling the word ‘liberal,’ before proceeding to exalt in the extensive knowledge of out commander-in-chief. “What I read here is a man that completely understands the complexities of sending people to Mars.”

He goes on to explain, as though he knows: “To send people to Mars is a complicated and very long journey, through establishing a jump point on the Moon you can more efficiently send people and equipment to the red planet. Its logistics, less money and fuel required to send larger craft from the Moon than Earth so yes, sending and building an outpost on mars has to include the Moon.”

“Thank you once again for reminding us how dumb you all are,” he concluded his post, referring presumably to all “librals.”

…And that’s when the murder occurred. First, OP laid out her credentials, which included “lots of detailed calculations for EXACTLY how to get to Mars, using real math and science.”

Apparently, the dude in her comments is a “spiritual teacher”—so she took him to task for “writing with such unfounded vitriol and bitterness” especially considering “you really don’t know anything about the woman you’re writing to.”

“I may be a lot of things, but, being a calculus genius with some of the best education in the world, I know that unintelligent (or as you call it, ‘dumb’) is not one of them,” she wrote, before adding her good wishes: “Wishing you the best despite this very unfortunate comment.”

She added a quick P.S. concerning the Mars mission and explained why “a mission to Mars absolutely does NOT require developing an outpost on the moon.”

“If Trump is referring to manned Mars missions including moon outposts as part of their design, as you imply, he MAY need to brush up on his communication and logic skills,” added OP.

Commenters on Reddit were quick to react to what has become one the most upvoted posts of the year on MurderedByWords.

“This dick: insults people for being stupid. Also this dick: can’t spell liberal.”—Zenmaster366

“If you can’t launch a rocket keep your opinion in your pocket”—thunderstormzzz

“It boggles my mind that people can still find a way to defend trump”—kiidlocs

“Not only to defend Trump but to imply that Trump is not just intelligent, but so intelligent that it is beyond our comprehension. How astronomically stupid must you be to actually think Donald Trump is intelligent??”—zaphod_beeble_bro

“You would think that when 95% of your defense is always ‘what he meant to say is…’ it would make you stop and reconsider. Especially when what ‘he meant to say’ never turns out to be true. I still remember being bombarded with “it’s not a literal wall he’s talking about.”—kevlarcardhouse

“I;m not exactly a liberal, however even if someone agrees 100% with Trump’s politics, it is still immensely hard to defend the man. He acts like an immature child whose best take at political discourse is ‘I’m rubber, you’re glue. Whatever you say goes right back to you'”—Wild__Gringo

This is why trump supporters are so dangerous. They’re morons that think they’re smart. Evil that think they’re good.”—superdude1970

Of course, what all these darn librals just don’t get is that Trump is a man who completely understands the complexities of sending people to Mars. Complexities like, “stop at the moon on the way.”