Reporter and Trump supporter at a Keep America Great rally

Reporter Asks Trump Supporter To Name Something The President Has Done Well, But He Can’t

A video posted by video editor, musician, and online personality Vic Berger IV on Thursday shows a young Donald Trump supporter in a Trump 2020 hat at a recent “Keep America Great” rally being asked a really easy question by a reporter. At least, it should have been an easy question.

“What is something that you believe the president has done well?” What follows is nine full seconds of noises and sputtering before he admits that he can’t do it.

“I’m not really sure,” he says. “I just support him.”

There it is. The whole problem, in a nutshell, played out in a 17-second video.

The video is spreading on Twitter, with over 11,000 shares and approaching 45,000 likes. Some commenters believe this is likely typical of Trump supporters, who they believe follow him because of vague, sometimes cult-like sentiments and slogans about making America great. Others have speculated that he was paid to attend the rally.

Some also suggested that perhaps the young man could think of some things he likes about Trump, but didn’t want to share them with a reporter.

Trump supporters have not been the best when put on the spot by reporters, as many videos made by liberal comedians in the past have shown. But when you can’t come up with a single positive thing about your presidential candidate when it’s softballed in like that, you might want to rethink your life choices.