A Trump supporter was caught on video brutally assaulting a 61-year-old postal worker after pulling up in front of an anti-Trump protest in a red pickup truck (of course).

Multiple videos have been posted of the 29-year-old man getting out of the car and immediately approaching the gray-haired protester with his fists up, then punching him directly in the face and landing at least two more hits before another protester is able to push him back.

On the bright side, the Trump supporter is then immediately arrested by police. In a longer video, it appears that the driver of the truck is also arrested, and as the two of them are led away, the protesters chant “lock him up” in reference to the common chant that Trump supporters like to take up against Hillary Clinton.

According to local news outlet WCPO Cincinnati, the assaulter was Dallas Frazier of Georgetown, Kentucky, and the victim is Mike Alter. The anti-Trump protest in front of the arena where a Trump campaign rally was to be held had been peaceful until Frazier arrived and started shouting at the protesters.

“These guys pulled up in the pickup truck, everyone was yelling back and forth at them,” Alter said to WCPO.

Though it looks like Alter was inviting Frazier to fight, the 61-year-old says he didn’t expect the much younger man to actually throw a punch. “I was more questioning him … like, really you want to fight?”

This seems reasonable, considering the fact that most people have a set of morals that include “don’t assault people who look like they could be grandparents.”

“I didn’t go down, for what that’s worth,” said Alter. Well done. Frazier is being charged with assault and was issued a $10,000 bond.

Trump supporters have become known for their willingness to violently assault people, particularly after Trump repeatedly encouraged them to do so at his rallies prior to the 2016 election, even promising to cover their legal fees if they’re arrested for the crime. Meanwhile, conservatives freak out when actual fascists get hit with a milkshake.

The various double standards at work here are not lost on people.

Others are simply impressed with Alter, and not so impressed with Frazier.

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*First Published: August 2, 2019, 10:15 am