Trump Supporters Surprised And Upset To Learn His Border Wall Is Cutting Their Lives In Half

You get what you vote for, and Trump voters are getting royally screwed. Many of them enthusiastically supported Donald Trump’s plans for an ineffectual border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. They applauded when he declared a national emergency so he could raid Pentagon funds to build it. They cheered all his racist, horrible policies targeting immigrants and refugees, up to and including child endangerment. But they’re not so happy now that his plans will be cutting through their backyards.

Residents of a town in Texas called Brownsville have been notified that construction of the border wall will be passing right through their community, the New York Times reports.

The 30-foot wall is being planned to pass right through the River Bend Resort and Golf Club, cutting off 70 percent of that community so its south of the border but north of the Rio Grande. That’s 200 properties and 15 of the courses’ golf holes.

The kicker is that a lot of the people at River Bend voted for Trump, like Shirley Menard, who told the NYT that her “blood pressure has not been normal” since she was notified of the plans via a letter.

Jerry Olsen, another Trump voter, complained that the community was 55+, and that the news was creating a lot of upheaval in the area.

“None of us at our age need the additional stress,” said Olsen.

People responding to the story online just do not get what this community expected when they entered the voting booth. It’s not like Trump kept the wall a secret and they knew where they lived:

Menard and Olsen both said they’d still consider voting for Trump in 2020! Can you imagine a president cutting your home off the map of your country and voting for him a second time?! At least Menard admitted that her perspective had change slightly, saying, “Nobody really thinks about it until it affects them personally.”

Having her sunset view cut blocked affected Menard much more personally than kids being thrown in cages.