Trump Supporters Get Hit With Storm While Waiting For Campaign Launch Rally

Florida Trump supporters have gathered in the thousands to line up for Donald Trump’s official 2020 campaign launch rally. Unfortunately for them, the weather doesn’t care who’s President. By noon, it began to rain, and rain soon turned into a full-blown storm bad enough to prompt the Amway Center to “strongly suggest” that the Trump fans seek shelter. However, Amway is not permitting them to seek shelter inside the Center, so they’re not having a good time.

“They won’t let us inside the Amway [Center] so we’re all out here with this stupid message, saying, ‘We strongly suggest that you seek shelter,’” says a Trump supporter in a video, according to Raw Story. “Where on earth are we going to seek shelter? We’re all under these little umbrellas.”

You could always go home.

Selena Gomez saying "I'm just sayin'"

The rally in Orlando, Florida is set to begin at 8 pm Eastern time. According to The Weather Channel, scattered thunderstorms are expected to continue until at least 8 pm, ending by 9 pm, unless Trump says something particularly evil and gets hit with another round of God’s wrath.

Just kidding, of course. Surely it’s only a coincidence.

Trump supporters have been lining up for the event and tailgating since 40 hours before the start of the rally, according to some reports, and are being directed by very official-looking individuals with vests that say “Bikers for 45” and other weirdness.

Florida residents who are not in line for this rally are not happy to see the crowd, but they are enjoying the weather.

Among the attendees are members of the violent right-wing gang the “Proud Boys” and people wearing shirts supporting the shady and cult-like conspiracy group “Qanon.” Neither Trump nor anyone in his administration has condemned the presence of either.

And the rally hasn’t even started yet. Should be a weird one.