Trump Supporters Get Soaked As Heavy Rains Hit Trump’s 4th Of July Event

President Trump’s 4th of July celebration faced heavy rains on Thursday night just hours before his Washington D.C. event was set to begin.

Heavy rains started hitting the capital a few hours before President Trump was set to take the stage.  Citizens started posting videos of how bad the rain was at the event, and wow, it did not look like fun.

Judging by these photos, Trump supporters didn’t seem to be enjoying the rain very much.

Naturally, the news of the heavy downpour made many people extremely happy.

Some thanked Mother Nature.

Others gave direct thanks to God almighty.

‘God’ even responded.

However, some felt that God had gone a bit too far this time.

Several people noted that for some reason, the feed from the camera above the National Mall suddenly turned off.

Will the rain keep up all night? Or will it relent? We will know in the next few hours. But according to the weather forecast, it doesn’t look good.

Happy 4th of July!