25 Of The Best “Trump Tan” Memes Inspired By His Viral Photo

Donald Trump is almost as famous for his bizarre personal grooming choices as he is for being the most corrupt president in American history. And those choices extend past his inexplicable hair and his Scotch-taped ties to the three-dollar spray tan he insists on sticking with, goggle outlines and all.

One particularly glaring, and particularly meme-able, photo of Trump’s absurd tan recently went viral.

The surge in memes was only aided by our thin-skinned president taking to Twitter to call the photo “fake news” and “photoshopped.”

While “Orange Man Bad” style jokes are pretty stale at this point, Trump seems to want to keep them alive by making his tan more egregious than ever. It was too much for internet wits to resist and the photo of a very orange Trump looking coyly over his shoulder sent the world’s memesmiths into overdrive comparing Trump’s look to everything from “Cats.” to “Mrs. Doubtfire.”




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