Trump Bashes Media In Thanksgiving Visit To Troops In Afghanistan

Donald Trump decided to spend his Thanksgiving with the U.S. troops in Afghanistan this weekend, during which he complained about not getting any turkey during his speech and then hopped on Twitter to attack Newsweek. Still, at least he didn’t have to spend the holiday with his family.

According to Vice, Trump and a few close advisors snuck out of Mar-a-Lago on Wednesday to embark on a secret trip to Afghanistan that totally wasn’t just a photo op meant to improve the president’s image. After all, he only posted three tweets, four photos, and two videos about it.

After handing out a few meals to service members and meeting with Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani, Trump got on stage to brag about “defeating ISIS” and whine that he didn’t even get a chance to eat any turkey on Thanksgiving.

“I sat down, I had a gorgeous piece of turkey and I was all set to go…I had a bite of mashed potatoes, and I never got to the turkey, because Gen. [Mark] Milley said come on over, sir, let’s take some pictures,” he said. “I never got to my turkey. It’s the first time at Thanksgiving that I’ve never had anything called turkey.”

Trump reportedly spent just three hours at the Afghanistan base before taking off back to Florida. That may have been when he found time to attack the media, retweeting a post by Donald Trump Jr. that put an old version of a Newsweek headline next to photos of the president’s secret surprise visit to the troops.

The Newsweek headline was changed to include the breaking news about Trump’s Afghanistan visit before Don Jr. posted his “fake news” tweet.

Also, is no one going to thank the press pool that was pulled away from their homes and families in order to report on this stunt? Thank you, reporters, for continuing to do your jobs in spite of the constant attacks on your credibility.