Trump Gives Thumbs-Up, Grins, In Photo With Baby Orphaned By El Paso Shooting

We previously reported that most of the patients at the University Medical Center of El Paso who were recovering from the recent mass shooting declined to meet with Donald Trump. As it turns out, they all declined, with some of them wanting no visitors and others specifically saying they didn’t want to see the President.

In order to get his desired photo op, Trump had two victims return to the hospital after they had already been discharged, including the two-month-old baby who was orphaned after his parents died shielding him from the massacre that claimed 22 lives.

Not only did Trump make a baby travel to a hospital for a photo op, he is being criticized for the photo due to the fact that he is smiling and giving a thumbs-up in the actual photo.

Many consider this to be in bad taste considering the sad nature of babies orphaned by mass shootings.

The baby’s uncle, who is standing next to Trump in the photo, is a supporter of the President and therefore willingly brought the baby to the photo op. This may have been a risky move for the child considering the fact that hospitals tend to contain sick people and young babies are very vulnerable to airborne pathogens.

The uncle, Tito Anchondo, does however seem to have some negative feelings about the things Trump has said in the past.

“I want to see [Trump’s] reaction in person,” he told NPR. “I want to see if he’s genuine and see if my political views are right or wrong. And see if he feels maybe some kind of remorse for statements that he’s made. I just want to have a human-to-human talk with him and see how he feels.”

Some of the workers at the University Medical Center seemed to think Trump did not show remorse, nor did he show other emotions that would have been appropriate for the situation, displaying what one hospital official called an “absence of empathy.”

The White House press pool was reportedly not allowed to accompany the President to either of his visits to hospitals in El Paso or Dayton, Ohio, because it wasn’t supposed to look like a publicity stunt. However, the White House took and released its own photos of the visits, including the one with the orphaned baby.

Many individuals on Twitter are having difficulty expressing just how angry they are about all of this.

Baby Paul reportedly suffered some broken fingers from a fall, but is doing fine.