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Trump ‘Intimidated’ by ‘Good Looking’ Justin Trudeau, According To Former White House Official

There are plenty of people who disagree with Justin Trudeau’s politics, but not many who will argue against the fact that he is a stone-cold hottie. The Canadian Prime Minister looks like an actor playing the President in a rom com movie—way more attractive than any actual president ever has been, with the possible exception of Barack Obama. Imagine how that makes Donald Trump feel! As the most unattractive president we’ve ever had, he’s apparently taken it pretty hard.

You might remember Anthony Scaramucci as the brash, foul-mouthed former White House communications director (he only served for ten days). You can fire The Mooch, but you can’t make him stop talking. In a recent interview with ABC Australia, he offered some unsolicited advice to the new Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Give Trump the spotlight “at all times,” just like Justin Trudeau.

“I would tell him [Morrison] to follow the Justin Trudeau model. President Trump is very intimidated by Justin Trudeau because he’s a good looking, smart kid and President Trump is like this orange fat blob,” Scaramucci told ABC. “And so he’s very intimidated by the way the guy looks. And Justin Trudeau has been very, very smart at keeping his distance from President Trump.”

This is pretty hilarious on a few levels, because it manages to be both incredibly insulting to Trump and implies Trudeau is hiding from Trump. What has he done to deserve this slander?!

Scaramucci wasn’t done.

“Again, it’s his inability to ever be wrong about anything or ever to apologize for anything,” Scaramucci continued. “It basically has to do with very low self-esteem. I mean the poor guy has the self-esteem of a small pigeon.”

Trump is no fan of Scaramucci, who recently started fundraising against his former boss, even showing up at a Biden fundraiser despite being a registered Republican. He’s tweeted about him a few times recently as Scaramucci badmouths him every time someone puts a mic in front of his face:

I can’t wait until he responds to the pigeon comment. He’ll probably object most to being called “small.”