Trump Openly Asks Ukraine And China To Investigate Biden Amid Impeachment Investigation

Donald Trump is committing the same offenses he might be impeached for on live national television. The president said that Ukraine officials “should investigate the Bidens” and “China likewise should start an investigation” to reporters this morning.

Just to make absolutely sure that he was committing impeachable offenses, Trump then issued a vague threat to China if they decide not to “investigate” the Bidens, saying “I’m sure President XI does not like being under that kind of scrutiny … they call that a payoff.” Does he want to be impeached?

Basically, “dig up dirt on my political opponent or we’ll scrutinize you and you won’t like it.”

He then, unprompted, brought up the upcoming trade negotiations with China that will take place next week and involve billions of dollars in tariffs. “I have a lot of options on China,” he said, “but if they don’t do what we want, we have tremendous power.”

That sound you hear right now is the distance crackle of Hillary Clinton laughing into the void for all eternity.

The issue that Trump has repeatedly pressured foreign governments to investigate involves an already thoroughly-debunked conspiracy theory on Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, a leader in the impeachment inquiry and frequent Trump target, said of the President’s morning statement that it “reinforces the urgency of our work.”

He also said to reporters that Trump’s statements are “repugnant” and “a fundamental breach of the president’s oath of office,” according to Politico, and believes they are the result of Trump believing that “he can do anything with impunity” after the Mueller investigation.

House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who launched the impeachment inquiry after years of pressure from more progressive Democrats, also had something to say.

The only question left is whether Republicans will grow backbones by the time the impeachment is sent to the Senate.