Screenshot of White House video showing part of the border wall being erected and a shot from Spaceballs

Video Of Tiny Section Of Trump’s Wall Being Built Has People Laughing

Trump and the White House Twitter account released a video promoting Trump’s border wall on Thursday, showing a very small section of wall being put up in the middle of a very empty, very large desert, supposedly to replace what looks like some sticks held up by wire. The video is accompanied by the typical Trump-style overdramatic music, giving the impression that the video footage was meant to be impressive.

Many Twitter users are, however, not impressed. Some have pointed out that the wall-building efforts have been going on for years now, with billions drawn out of military projects, schools, and beneficial programs for this purpose. If this is all that’s come out of it so far, then that is far from impressive.

Of course, the White House has shown footage and photos of other parts of the wall built under Trump’s administration. Before this underwhelming video, the border wall was widely mocked for being easily climbable after Trump declared that nobody would be able to climb it, with a number of people climbing it themselves just to show how quick and easy it is.

This latest video, however, is just so mockable.

This video isn’t going to stop the impeachment proceedings.