Just one month after its launch, the blog that was added to Donald Trump’s campaign website and claiming to be “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” has been scrubbed and will reportedly not be returning. It seems that Trump’s blog has gone the way of so many from the early 2000s when everybody thought they could be a writer, but as it turns out, writing more than a tweet’s worth of one’s own thoughts is harder than it sounds.

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No specific reason has been given for the blog’s deletion, but Trump’s aides and other associates have suggested that either something new is in the works or he’s looking to join a new social media platform after he was widely banned from all the good ones following his attempted coup.

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Another reason could be that the blog was doing about as well as any early 2000s blog did in terms of visitors. An investigation by the Washington Post found that in late May, the overall website was being outdone by sites like Petfinder in spite of the new blog and online merchandise store.

“Online talk about him has plunged to a five-year low,” they reported. “He’s banned or ignored on pretty much every major social media venue. In the last week, Trump’s website — including his new blog, fundraising page and online storefront ­— attracted fewer estimated visitors than the pet-adoption service Petfinder and the recipe site Delish.”

The blog itself was only getting about 2,000 shares per day—pretty sad for a former president or any public figure struggling to remain relevant, and certainly not enough to raise as much money as he was able to from Facebook before he got himself suspended. And, according to the Post, Trump himself noticed.

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Trump aide Jason Miller has confirmed that the blog will not return and claimed that it “was just auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on.” His next move may be to one of the existing newer social media platforms, or perhaps a long-teased launch of his own. As recently as March, Trump has hinted that he may be working to create his own version of Twitter/Facebook, especially after Facebook upheld his suspension from the platform in what looks likely to be a permanent ban.

At the same time, Miller seemed to tweet that he’s just going to join Parler or something.

Regardless, many Trump critics are taking this blog deletion as a sign that Trump’s relevance has continued to decline in the months since his coup-related social media ban, and hope that the trend will continue.

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*First Published: June 2, 2021, 10:29 am