Donald Trump touring the Honeywell factory

Maskless Trump Toured Mask Factory While “Live And Let Die” Played (Yes, Really)

Whoever put together the playlist for Donald Trump’s visit to the Honeywell N95 mask manufacturing plant in Phoenix, Arizona should definitely get a raise for slipping in perhaps the most appropriate song imaginable—Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die.” The song, played by Guns ‘N Roses, echoed through the factory as Trump greeted mask-wearing mask makers while he himself again refused to wear one himself.

Though he did wear goggles for some reason.

As he and his tour guides stood too close to one another, all without face masks, one of them explains how the mask traps particles to the president, who nods and points at the face mask, because that’s all he can ever do. Trump then says something to one of the factory workers, his words obscured by the hard riffs of the song.

Many have already pointed out the stark irony of playing a song called “Live and Let Die” during a tour of a mask factory by a man who has apparently decided to test his staff constantly instead of just wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. All while he lets the rest of us fend for ourselves.

When asked by Reuters White House Correspondent Jeff Mason why he didn’t wear a mask in the factory, Trump did what he does best.

Fact check: Factories don’t have a “backstage,” so it’s unclear what he’s talking about.

Everyone is currently waiting for Guns ‘N Roses frontman Axl Rose to comment, but he hasn’t tweeted anything since Saturday. Rose himself is a staunch critic of Donald Trump, and his most recent tweet concisely outlines his own position on people who refuse to practice safety measures during this pandemic.

Of course, Axl Rose hardly needs to say anything on the irony of using “Live and Let Die” for the factory tour, because everyone on Twitter has already said it.

Hope you wanted “Live and Let Die” to be your theme song, Trump, because now it is forever.