Tucker Carlson Calls “Karen” An “Ethnic Slur”

“Karen” has become such well-known internet slang for women, usually white, who put on embarrassing public displays of entitlement  — demanding to speak to a manager, throwing a tantrum over masks, or being brazenly racist, to start — that even boomers have learned the term. And not everyone is happy with it.

We’ve all seen actual Karens and assorted white women complaining in comment sections or Twitter threads about how “Karen” is a slur just as bad as any other, and in case you weren’t already positive that was a laughable position, now Tucker Carlson has joined in the chorus.

Earlier this week, conservative commentator Kurt Schlicter criticized the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) for their fundraising tactics. The NRCC responded by calling him Karen and saying they would pass his complaints on to their manager.

It was a strange move, considering Republican women have often been the ones complaining about the “Karen” entry in the internet lexicon. The NRCC found that out firsthand when Carlson decided to jump into the fray with accusations of “Karen” being an ethnic slur.

A few people actually attempted to explain to the Fox News host and his fans that “Karen” is not an “ethnic slur.”

But most people just dunked on him for his lame opinion.

Carlson recently came under fire after one of his show’s head writers was outed for racist and misogynistic comments on message boards over the span of several years. The writer, Blake Neff, had to quit the network, and Carlson “coincidentally” went on vacation after the incident.

But now he’s back, and what better way to distract people from a racist scandal adjacent to your own life than by lobbing accusations at someone else?