“Greasy Politician”—Tucker Carlson Snipes At Obama For John Lewis Eulogy

Barack Obama’s eulogy for civil-rights rock star John Lewis left his loved ones in tears—but also hopeful. Many Americans were also soothed by Obama’s words and longed for the days he was guiding America towards a better future.

Except Tucker Carlson. He was mad.

On Thursday night, the Fox News host lashed out at Obama for including references to racist policing of the 1960s as well as comparing them to the police response to the George Floyd protests. Obama also praised Lewis as a founding father of a “fuller, better” America.

“Bull Connor may be gone, but today we witness with our own eyes police officers kneeling on the necks of Black Americans,” Obama said. “George Wallace may be gone, but we can witness our federal government sending agents to use tear gas and batons against peaceful demonstrators.”

Carlson was just absolutely offended to hear these truth bombs, so he decided to call Obama “greasy.”

“It’s hard to believe that clip is real, but it is, down to the coined fake accent, Mr. Hawaii Guy,” Carlson said. “But take three steps back. Imagine if some greasy politician showed up at your loved one’s funeral and started throwing around stupid partisan talking points about Senate procedure.”

“Can you imagine that? You would be shocked if that happened. You’d probably walk out. Desecrating a funeral with campaign slogans? What kind of person would do that?”

“The country falling apart, riven by racial strife and tribalism, and one of the most respected people in the whole country decides to pour gasoline on that and compare the police to Bull Connor? As if America or Minneapolis is like Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963? It’s insane. It’s reckless.”

Of course, it would be too much work for Carlson to have read Lewis’ posthumous New York Times op-ed, in which the civl rights icon basically addressed all the issues Obama brought up during the eulogy.

I don’t know, it’s almost like John Lewis dedicated his life to civil rights and ending racism in America and Obama was giving an accurate recollection of Lewis’ struggles and achievements!