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Let’s All Laugh At The Haunted Halloween Dinner On Air Force One

It’s been a mighty fine 24 hours for us lowly plebs. Not only were the masses afforded the opportunity to raucously boo Donald Trump at a baseball game but now we’re being treated to a peek at the hilariously sad Halloween meal that was just served aboard Air Force One.

I mean look at that thing!

CNN Senior Diplomatic Correspondent Michelle Kosinsky shared a picture of the unhappy meal on Twitter, where it was roundly mocked.

Leaving aside the fact that Donald Trump has never eaten a vegetable in his life that is one mighty sad-looking presidential dinner.

The pepper is cute/creepy enough I suppose but it’s stuffed with…what? Hash? An egg? That looks like the flap of an egg white prolapsing out of the back there.

And what’s going on with that lonely, desiccated piece of chicken off to the side? Wait is that dry chicken or a random, glazed baked good? (Some are claiming it’s a scone.) And those cherry tomatoes are all pruney! USA! USA!


The green salad is the only thing that’s working here and we know Donald isn’t touching that.