Twitter Jerk Tries, And Seriously Fails, At Mansplaining ‘How To Be A Better Mother’

General statements can be helpful at times, for sure. We’re all human and we have some basic things in common. But sometimes people think they’re making a universal statement about life, but they’re actually only exposing their own psyche to the world. This is what happened to a man named Hunter Drew, who identifies himself as a “patriarch writing on masculinity, marriage, and fatherhood.”

These are topics a lot of people are interested in, though I am personally skeptical that Drew is doling out healthy advice. His perspective on family seems a bit skewed. In a tweet that has people raising their eyebrows, Drew shared his thoughts on a different subject: motherhood. Drew has some very specific ideas about what makes a good mother. Some of them are simply sexist. Others make me think Drew doesn’t know the standard of basic human behavior in most homes.

He wrote:

How to be a better mother: – Be feminine – Wear dresses – Don’t hit your kids – Enforce boundaries – Be physically active – Don’t tease your kids – Cook your family’s meals – Don’t call your children names – Do not get drunk in front of them – Show up to their games *& cheer*

Wearing a dress and being feminine doesn’t really have anything to do with being a good mother, clearly. A kid doesn’t care if their mom doesn’t do full face make up before breakfast, they just want their toast edges cut off. As retrograde as these ideas are, it’s the other stuff that worries me.

Don’t hit your kids? Don’t call them names or get drunk in front of them? Yes, some moms do that, but I doubt anyone would say they just need to do “better.” They need serious intervention. That’s not normal! And it paints a grim picture of Drew’s past, as many people pointed out:

Most people are focused on the dress advice, side-stepping the weird abuse insinuations. As someone who barely ever wears a dress, I kind of get it. Not everyone feels comfortable in a dress, not everyone has time or money to maintain a more expensive wardrobe, and no mother needs to be told how she should look when she’s chasing a toddler around.

“Man clothes,” as Drew calls them, are also a ridiculous delineation. I look better in tight jeans than any man I’ve ever met! But Drew is sticking to his ideas on this. He also seems to be missing the fact that no one is disagreeing about the name-calling and drunken physical abuse:

Maybe if he were wearing a tuxedo he would get it?