Have you ever accidentally hit “reply all” on an in-office email? Or instead of attaching an invoice, accidentally attached a photo of your dog’s rectum that was meant for the vet? This is kind of like that, only it was Trump’s White House accidentally emailing a list of their talking points for Republicans about the President’s call and possible bribery of Ukraine officials to House Democrats.

So kind of a mix between “reply all,” wrong attachment, and showing your entire hand to the table at a high-stakes poker game, with some light treason sprinkled on top. Allegedly.


According to a source who contacted Politico‘s Andrew Desiderio, this “What You Need To Know” document on the Ukraine call was not meant to be sent to House Democrats and the White House sent a follow-up email attempting to “recall” the original.

Sorry, guys, that’s not how email works.

This morning, the White House published a condensed memo on the call after promising to release the transcript and the Senate voted Tuesday to approve a non-binding resolution demanding the release of the whistleblower complaint. Among all of this, of course, Nancy Pelosi announced that an official impeachment inquiry was launching, so the White House is in full scramble mode.

The story of the accidentally-emailed talking points and “recall” request have been backed up by HuffPost.

Thanks to this, it’s quite easy to point out inconsistencies and falsehoods in said talking points, as Twitter has been doing all day long.

This just in, we’ve obtained footage from inside the White House this morning:

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*First Published: September 25, 2019, 11:26 am