Veteran Expertly Shuts Down Homophobe Claiming LGBTQ Pride Month Is Disrespectful To The Military

Pride Month, the month-long observance every year of LGBTQ rights, impact, and history, is often the subject of scorn among homophobic communities.

In 1969, the month of June was chosen for LGBTQ Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall Riots in NYC, a catalyst for the gay liberation movement in the United States and around the world. Today, we celebrate Pride Month partly by partying and parading, sure, but also by spreading awareness about the LGBTQ community’s progress and current plight.

Despite having made some significant strides in the last couple of decades, members of  the LGBTQ community still face homophobia and oppression on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. Think: Trump’s proposed transgender military ban, the rise of anti-LGBTQ hate crimes and white power movements, and this year’s call for the existence of a ‘straight pride‘ parade.

Another case in point: this homophobic meme an unidentified bigot posted to Facebook, which suggests that Pride Month is somehow a threat to the armed forces because the latter is only celebrated with “one day” (presumably Veteran’s Day) while the LGBTQ community gets “a whole month.”

Anybody who is or has ever met a gay person knows how little sense this ‘meme’ makes. But few of us could manage to put is as succinctly as the veteran below, who laid out the necessity for LGBTQ Pride Month and shut down OP’s homophobic message—all while reminding us that the armed forces actually do get a month of their own (though that’s entirely besides the point.)

The comment reads: “The entire month of May is National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM) and has been since 1999. I have never once had my life threatened due to being in the military however members of the LGBTQ+ community are threatened and killed every single day over something they have no control over. Additionally, it is still illegal to be gay in over 70 countries. ”

“This post is incredibly ignorant and if you and the others who’ve shared this post truly cared about military members, then you’d know May was NMAM and not just use us as an argument for your homophobia.”

Screenshots of this exchange were posted to the subReddit MurderedByWords, where it racked up over 65,000 upvotes and nearly 4,000 comments in just 24 hours. A sprinkling of some of the best:

“It’s like those dudes who complain there’s a women’s day but no men’s day, except there is. If they, men or the military, cared about their special day they could absolutely make it know but they don’t actually care about it.”SaltyBabe

“Veteran here, I really wish that people would understand that celebrating ones identity doesn’t have to exclude another’s. There’s always more to a person or a groups back story than you’re aware of. If we approached life with more compassion we could eliminate a lot of these unnecessary conflicts.”YoichiLD

“As a veteran- don’t use me to further your bigoted agenda please. Happy Pride from a straight ally and proud mum of a gay son.”LaurenOrder01

“I wrote this before today, and I’ll write it again. I used to be a closeted lesbian in the military. My job was literally based in the fact that I was a straight woman, and if I ever revealed otherwise, I would be asked to go home.

Multiple people have basically refused me entry into a public place ever since I became an LGBT activist. The same people used to offer me discounts for my service. Gay pride is important because every one basically gets that serving your country is a matter of pride. That you are allowed to serve your country without being ostracized. The same is not true for LGBT people.”—code_mage

“Listen man, 364 days out of the year I am a very conservatively dressed person. I rarely go out without being covered ankle to elbow. I go to school and work in a professional lab and no one is the wiser that one day a year for just a few hours I put on my shortest shorts and a tank top, I use my flag as a cape and I paint a full glitter beard onto my face. I look absurd, and I love it. I stand in complete solidarity with dildo man. God-speed to my ally.”why-wont-you-loveme

“And I’m also a veteran supportive of pride month and hate when we’re used as scapegoats for this sort of nonsense. These same people don’t give a fuck about us when their Congress members defund our support programs, when they try to pass laws to kick our trans members out and have them barred them from enlisting, or when Trump let’s his big business buddies control the VA…but they sure love us when it’s time to justify their hatred of something else.”—BoinkBoinkEtAliae

Besides, who’s to say a soldier wouldn’t cover themselves in rainbow dildos? Seems like a legitimate battle strategy to me.