A video of a raging river gushing out of a glacier is going viral after it was posted by Journalist Laurie Garrett on Thursday. The river is a result of unusually high temperatures in the Arctic that caused a total of 12 billion tons of ice to melt out into the ocean in just 24 hours.

Congresswoman and author of the Green New Deal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared the video on Twitter earlier today with an urgent message: “We don’t have time to argue.”

Mass glacial melt during the summer isn’t unusual, but according to experts, something like this should only happen once per year. This is the second time this has happened this year and summer is only halfway over. Climate scientist Ruth Mottram told CNN that while the normal summer melt totals 60 to 70 billion tons, 197 billion tons of ice melted from the Arctic glaciers in the month of July alone.

This along with the record high temperatures that are resulting in huge wildfires across the Arctic are painting a grim picture for the future of the planet. Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold points out that Greenland’s current glacial melt rate was predicted by climate scientists to happen by 2070, not 2019.

Will this get conservatives to finally start taking the climate crisis seriously? Probably not. Many of the replies to Ocasio-Cortez’s warning are less than encouraging.

Those of us living in reality are showing that at least Democratic politicians need to do a lot more if they want to keep getting elected.

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*First Published: August 2, 2019, 1:41 pm