Melania Trump giving a speech at the Baltimore B'More summit

Melania Trump Gets Loudly Booed At Youth Opioid Summit In Baltimore

Melania Trump isn’t being given any slack even when she appears in public without her husband, as evidenced by the cold reception she received at the B’More Youth Summit on the opioid epidemic in Baltimore. The booing began when she was first introduced, mixed with cheers at first, but the boos reportedly got even louder when she started speaking. They ramped back up again when she finished.

According to CNN, the initial booing lasted for a solid minute before things finally quieted down, but the young people continued making noise and talking through her five-minute speech. They’re also reporting this as the first time Melania has been booed at a solo event, though that doesn’t seem like it could possibly be true.

If it were, however, Baltimore would be the perfect place for it. Melania’s husband famously trash-talked Baltimore, calling it a “rat and rodent-infested mess” where “no human being would want to live” earlier this year. That was before Baltimore’s representative, Rep. Elijah Cummings, whom Trump also attacked, passed away.

Melania has also not made many fans, doing little with her “Be Best” campaign other than making occasional appearances and giving short speeches while failing to get her own husband to stop bullying people constantly on Twitter, including impeachment witnesses.

Twitter has little sympathy for the First Lady right now.

Just stay home in Florida, Melania.