Job hunting is the actual worst. And so many of the listings you read these days require so much from the applicants that it makes your brain hurt. Even “entry-level” jobs often ask for minimum three years of experience and proficiency in way too many programs, while retail gigs are over here making you take hour-long personality tests.

But Kimberly Harrington may have found one of the most insanely intense job postings of all times.

“I…challenge you to find ANYTHING more bananas bat shit than THIS,” she tweeted alongside a screenshot. “I DARE YOU.”

“Seeking Household Manager/Cook/Nanny” already kicks off some small alarm bells. Any job descriptions that include multiple titles are most likely going to be asking far too much for one person.

Immediately, the listing says they are looking for a five-term commitment, before launching into a Moby Dick-length list of responsibilities the Household Manager/Cook/Nanny will be expected to take on.


Most of the work seems to revolve around planning every minute detail of vacations for this family, which Mom specifies includes twin 10-year-olds the new hire will essentially be raising.


But whoever gets this job will also be handling…everything. Literally everything in the house. It’s overwhelming just reading this.


One of the best/scariest things about this listing is how detailed it gets.

“Follow directions in recipes and use good judgment for substitutions,” reads one of the requirements re: cooking.


“Has room in their heart to love the kids and the mom.”

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had a LOT of thoughts about every part of this lengthy request.

Though some are convinced mom didn’t write this on her own.

While others don’t think it’s that crazy to ask for all these things.

But many were ready to point out all this ridiculousness is just what tends to be expected of mothers these days, with no pay and often very little thanks.

Of course, that still doesn’t mean this listing is reasonable.

But one thing stood out above all else.

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*First Published: January 24, 2020, 9:57 am