Schools across the U.S. are closed right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, with many districts opting to finish out the year with “virtual classrooms,” holding the school day entirely online. While this is a much better option than making children go to the Petri dishes known as public school buildings, it is an extra strain on parents, especially those of younger children who need more supervision.

One mom, who is also a University of Alabama at Birmingham professor and Egyptologist, decided that enough is enough.

Before you jump into her mentions with your suggestions and resources, Professor Sarah Parcak would like you to please not.

A lot of parents are ditching traditional schooling for their kids right now, acknowledging that the pandemic is a huge stressor on both themselves and their children and they all need a break from the drudgery of U.S. school homework. Some more than others.

An increasing body of evidence supports the idea that children learn best through play, as they’ve always done, and will learn on their own and at their own pace without being forced to sit at a desk all day while they’re brimming with little kid energy. Now, parents are finding out just how difficult it is to make kids pay attention to boring lessons and worksheets, giving them a new appreciation for teachers, hopefully.

Parents like Parcak are going a step farther, coming to the conclusion that a child’s feelings of safety and love are more important than learning their multiplication tables by age seven.

Go all the way off, professor.

Parcak’s thread has been spreading quickly since Wednesday, sparking a discussion about the U.S. education system and what’s most important for young children in a time of crisis.

Some people have been less than supportive of Parcak’s message, but many other parents have echoed her sentiments.

Others, including teachers and education experts, are generally supportive of the idea that a kid’s well-being is more important than their ability with numbers.

Don’t expect yourselves to do it all. Stress weakens the immune system.

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*First Published: April 10, 2020, 12:58 pm