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Video Comparing 2015 Trump Speech To Today Sparks Speculation On His Health

A viral video showing a side-by-side comparison of a Donald Trump campaign speech from 2015 to a Rose Garden speech Thursday marking the establishment of the U.S. Space Command demonstrates a stark difference in energy that has people wondering if the President is feeling okay.

You can see a clear difference in both energy and appearance, with 2015 Trump animated and speaking at a good pace. Meanwhile, 2019 Trump speaks slowly and haltingly, is hunched over and seems like he can barely keep his eyes open. He did a little better during his speech to the American people about Hurricane Dorian, but was still pretty low-energy.

Obviously, the job of President of the United States of America is a highly stressful one, and people have often noted how past Presidents have appeared to be significantly aged over the course of eight or even four years. Of course, Trump has been President for less than three years, and the issue of his health has already come up multiple times during this period.

Even his hair looks frizzy and frazzled, and he doesn’t have the old orange glow. Perhaps it has something to do with all the reports that he is actually very concerned that the economy is going to crash and severely hamper his chances of being re-elected?

People are tossing around all kinds of ideas.

To be fair, all of this is speculation. But you can’t blame people for having some hope that the nightmare will soon be over.