People Are Calling Out Walmart For “All Lives Matter” Shirt For Sale

Folks responding to Black Lives Matter with “All Lives Matter” have long been considered to be disrespecting the movement. No one is saying that other lives don’t matter, just specifically saying that Black lives do — something that people apparently need to be reminded of in a society where racism runs rampant and we hardly seem to be able to go a day without a cop killing yet another unarmed Black person.

So the folks who refuse to say that Black lives matter but seem insistent that ALL lives matter often sound like what they’re really saying is that they don’t want to hear about the worth of Black people.

And some of these “All Lives Matter” people apparently like to wear their disregard for Black lives loud and clear on their clothing.

Multiple shirts proclaiming “All Lives Matter” have been discovered for sale on Walmart’s website, less than two weeks after the retail giant released a statement in support of Black Lives Matter and with the promise to fight for racial equity.

The merchandise was discovered by shoppers browsing Walmart Canada’s website.

The shirts in question are being sold by third party retailers, namely two called Old Glory and Wild Bobby. Both companies also have similar shirts for sale with slogans such as “Blue Lives Matter” (police), “Black Labs Matter,” and “Homeless Lives Matter.”

But though initial complaints by concerned shoppers addressed Walmart Canada specifically, some of the same items appear to be available on as well.

Walmart Canada has given lukewarm responses to those bringing the matter to their attention, on Twitter, merely explaining that they are by third party sellers and that the company will forward comments “to the appropriate department to look into further.”

But folks aren’t interested in letting this slide under the radar.

Maybe one day people won’t have to explain why “All Lives Matter” just isn’t the right thing to say, but we aren’t there yet.

While several reports have claimed a link to one of the “All Lives Matter” shirts on Walmart Canada’s site has since been removed, as of this time, no shortage of clothing bearing the slogan remain available from