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Mom Who Joked About Walmart Mask Rules Asks For Prayers After Getting COVID-19

The science says that wearing a mask is one of the most significant things the average person can do to prevent the spread of coronavirus. It’s very possible to have COVID-19 and not know it. Though many get seriously sick with lingering consequences, and over 150,000 people in the U.S. have died, there are many mild cases that spread the virus quickly because they’re not aware of how sick they are.

So wear your dang mask!

Very sadly, there are a number of people who think not wearing a mask is the important civil rights stand of their time and are absolutely refusing. They’re even making fake exemption cards and spreading misinformation everywhere. Facebook is one of their favorite places to post stupid memes about ignoring public health, and one mom named Tessie Smith allegedly shared a meme about ignoring mask and aisle directives in a Walmart. Her post was screenshot by a Twitter user named @maleeezy_, who captioned it “a story in two parts.”

The second part is another post supposedly made by Smith, in which she writes, “As of today I was informed I tested positive for the COVID-19 if I have been in contact with anyone lately please go get tested.”

“Right now my only symptoms are dizzy spells, dry throat and cough which I thought were just allergies,” she continued. “Please keep my family in your prayers as I have a lot of kids who I am worried about most especially my 2 month old.”

A lot of people have thoughts about Tessie Smith’s mistake:

There are a lot of people refusing to wear masks and a lot of people getting COVID. There is definitely some crossover there, and many of them have Facebook accounts. Someone, probably lots of someones, are learning their lesson the hard way.