Tweet saying that society has been brainwashed into thinking we need doctors

People Reply To Tweet Saying Society Is “Brainwashed” Into Believing “We Need Doctors”

As issues like novel viral infections, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and doctor shortages plague the U.S. and the world, many people have little to no tolerance for anti-doctor sentiment. For example, one fashion designer’s tweet claiming that “they” have “brainwashed” people into “believing we NEED doctors” is not being well-received by Twitter.

The tweet was in response to another making fun of people who listen to “b****es on Facebook” over doctors who have spent eight years in school and more in training to become health experts. Unfortunately, we seem to be in the “the concept of doctors is a conspiracy” stage of our nasty case of anti-intellectualism and anti-medicine trends.

The woman going by the name Chynel Rose is technically correct that at the “beginning of time,” there was no medical system in place. After all, there were no humans at the beginning of time, unless scientists are as wrong as Rose thinks doctors are.

However, many people have an answer to the question of what people were doing before doctors were “a thing.”

At the same time, multiple historians jumped at the chance to explain that, in fact, doctors have been around for all of recorded human history. They just didn’t have the technology or understanding of the human body necessary to stop minor infections from killing people yet.

Rose tried to hit back on some of the tweets pointing out that people died much younger on average prior to modern medicine, demanding research to support this common knowledge (after dismissing other people’s requests for evidence to support her own claims).

Of course, none of the efforts or research presented by reasonable Twitter users matter because OP doesn’t believe in silly things like “US medical websites” or “US history.”


When it comes to people like this, there’s really only one useful thing to ask.