Wedding Video Company Mocked Dead Woman’s Fiancé And Refused Refund, Drawing Outrage

A wedding videography company has damaged its reputation after attacking and mocking a man whose fiancée died in a tragic accident before their wedding. Faced with large bills for a wedding that would never happen, the young man, Justin Montney asked Copper Stallion Media for a refund on the $1800 he paid upfront for video content.

The company refused, which in itself isn’t that bad as many wedding companies have no-refund policies. However, after the grieving mother of the young deceased woman left them a single bad review because of this refusal, the company sent the situation straight off the rails.

After Copper Stallion Media began to receive negative press about their refund refusal, they threatened Montney with a lawsuit. Worse, as bad reviews started piling up, they created a website under the young man’s name and redirected people going to their website and their Yelp review page to this new site, which mocked Montney and accused him of trying to “shake us down.”

“He admits the contract was nonrefundable but says we should give the money back due to the circumstance,” the company wrote on “Life is a b*tch, Justin.”

The website now contains only the music video for “Disillusioned” by A Perfect Circle, which is either the result of brilliant hackers or the saddest, most self-pitying move ever by a company that dug its own grave.

Things got even worse on the day that Montney’s wedding was to take place, when Copper Stallion Media posted a now-deleted mocking statement on their Facebook page.

“Today would have been the day where we would have filmed Justin and Alexis’ wedding,” they wrote. “After what Justin pulled with the media stunt to try and shake us down for a refund we hope you sob and cry all day for what would have been your wedding day. Sorry not sorry.”

Suffice it to say, people are pretty outraged now. A former employee spoke out against the company, saying that they refused to pay him for his work, and that when he finally got them to send him a paycheck, it came from Organized Weddings, LLC. People digging into this story found that the Las Vegas address appears to be linked to Jesse J. Clark, who has been sued by the Massachusetts Attorney General for failing to deliver paid-for videos to 90 couples.

While it hasn’t been confirmed that Clark is indeed the man behind Copper Stallion Media, multiple people have come forward to accuse him of scamming them via multiple wedding companies (his Twitter page is also full of pro-Trump content and frequent retweets of Trump posts).

During such a divisive period in human history, piling on this company and the person behind it seems to be one thing that can unite everyone.

Copper Stallion Media may now be operating under a different name. Also, don’t get it confused with the company of the same name operating in the U.K.