Advice on how to live your life can be really annoying at times, but this post started by u/colorfulsoul_ on r/AskReddit is a great place to dip your toe into personal improvement. The title of the post was, “What improved your quality of life so much, you wish you did it sooner?” and the answers come from real people who have been doing these real things and those things have really improved their life. And you can read it slowly instead of having someone get in your face about it.

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Some of the advice on here is very easy to incorporate, others are more challenging, but they’re all inspiring. It’s great to read about people adopting habits that actually made things better for them because it implies any of us could make our lives better at any time. Can we? I might just try after reading all of these:

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Sleeping when I’m sleepy —hellofellowhumanss


43y.o. Started exercising regularly again. 4x a week. Forget the physical benefits for a minute, the mental benefits outweigh the “gains” all day. —Longjumping-Step-270


Learning to be okay with saying “no” and starting off all relationships (personal and professional) with healthy boundaries. You don’t ever need an excuse to say “no” to if you don’t want to do something.

Don’t feel like going out with friends that night? No thank you.

Don’t want to work an extra shift at your place of employment if it’s not mandatory? No thanks boss!

Boundaries are amazing, and when set from the beginning, they are much easier to maintain for your own mental well being. —DnDYetti


Quitting smoking. I couldn’t imagine life without it back then. But man is life better without a constant need like that, not to mention all the health benefits. —myteethareallpenises


Letting my pride and ego take hits. I used to have been such a ‘me, me, me’ person in my early life. When I allowed myself to be taken down a peg or two, I started having new perspectives on life and people around me. —neoastic


Throwing out ALL my socks and buying a single type. No more looking for pairs. —atlantis_airlines


Flossing. I never saw the dentist as a kid, and no one really pushed me to or cared about my dental health. —Ok_Replacement_8801

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Cutting out alcohol. I don’t criticize anyone who drinks but I was a problem drinker. Stopping that cycle improved everything about my life. —Matthewbc18


Automating simple yet time-consuming tasks – like Excel macros. You wouldn’t realise how much time you save beforehand but it sure does save heaps. —areterodvaldr89


Deleting all the people from high school I don’t see anymore from social media —FineBahnMi


Working from home in IT. F—k, this environment and industry fit me like a glove. —Gym_Dom


Eating healthy. It’s amazing after you realize how much you feel like shit after you just took down a double cheese burger, extra large fries, and a large coke, but at the time, you don’t realize it and just “think” you’re tired. Good eating habits and exercising changed my life. —D1sCoL3moNaD3


I am on a 384-day streak of drinking as much water as the Hidrate app says I should, based on my body weight, the weather, and my degree of activity. It’s changed my life – I used to get 4 or 5 headaches per week, and now I get maybe 1 bad headache per month. No migraines in that time. I thought I was just destined to be a headachey person. Nope!

When I think about how dehydrated I used to live, I can hardly believe it. My poor organs! —elizzybeth


Hiking in the mountains. Nothing makes me feel more at peace and excited at the same time. —Klpincoyo


Cutting out toxic “friends”. After years of knowing someone it can be hard to see that they are no longer the person they were when the relationship started. My childhood best friend grew into a manipulative selfish prick. For years I hung out with him almost every day after work and always felt miserable afterwards.

Everyone around me questioned why I still spent time with him. I always made excuses that seem ridiculous in hindsight. I should have cut ties 10 years ago. —AlternativeRip4728

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*First Published: September 8, 2021, 8:46 am